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Grymt bra tips för arrangörer PRS

juni 7, 2017

Östhammar PRS – Station 4, övning 4

Spana in denna artikel, många bra och väl grundade tips för oss som är med och arrangerar bl.a. PRS tävlingar.


Saxat från texten: 

Tips from Shannon Kay of K&M Precision Rifle Competition:

Part of the analysis I do each year after the match is look at the list of shooters in the order they placed, but I don’t ever look at the top shooter to see if they shot 70, 80, or 90%. That’s not what I look at. I go ½ way to ¾ of the way down the list, to see if an average or relatively new shooter is getting 50-60% of what the winner scored. I’ll build my stages with that guy in mind. So you could potentially call them easy on the surface, but none of the shooters are going to call them easy.

We have to remember that these are our customers, and nobody wants to go to a match where they just hit 20 targets of the 200 that were exposed to them. I try to focus on making sure the 80% of the people in the middle (i.e. excluding the top 10% and bottom 10%) are having a good time and completing stages.


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