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Shooting with eyes open

oktober 20, 2019

Shooting at 300m with our #jet_01 chassi. You can see the fast use of the bagrider to level the sightpicture att 300m without letting go of the sightpicture. This is shooting with both eyes open as it should look like. It gives the shooter a better chance of reading the wind before firing. Fire and look thru the shots, its hard but you have a much better chance of seeing the bullet in the air or striking the target.

This is one of the skills that will give you great advantage in the field. Need to be worked on to become a good longrangeshooter 🙂 #shootingtechniques #lrdsweden #Longrangedesign #longrangeshooting #långhållsskytte #sauerrifles #STR200 #norma #diamondline #Sauer

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