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New Recoil safe product – GoPro

april 13, 2014

During a competition this weekends I put a GoPro cam on my rifle in order to film some of it. I used an old picatinny scope ring as a mount, this let me mount the camera directly to a piccatinny rail infront. This is nothing new, a solution that could be found all over internet.

This will not work as a saticfying solution, especially during this kind of competitions. The problem is the recoil, it will put great force on the camera over and over again. During shooting the camera tilts backwards and it will film more sky for every shot taken. So, I found a solution on the internet that is called recoil keeper. It looks nice but I decided to do my own design that gives som more ability to adjust the camera when mounted. This is what I came up with…..

LRD - GoPro mount parts

LRD – GoPro mount parts

Easy to use and mount

GoPro – LRD design


LRD – GoPro Recoil Safe solution tilted back


LRD – GoPro Recoil safe 3 positions


This is a strong yet a simple solution that hopefully works great next time around 🙂

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