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Tactical Scopes: Field Test Overview & Rifle Scope Line-Up

juli 11, 2014

Jag har tidigare flaggat för denna kommande test av seriös optik till skytte på längre avstånd. Nu är 4 av 8 resultat postade i vad som mest troligt kommer vara en av de mest omfattande testerna av långhållsoptik under de närmsta åren. Detta är en test som genom sitt genomförande mest troligt även skapar en ny teststandard för kommande seriösa jämförande tester av optik. Helt enkelt ett kanontest från Precisionrifleblog.com


This is the first post in a series that will cover the results from an epic scope field test focused on long-range, tactical rifle scopes in the $1,500+ price range. This represents an unprecedented, data-driven approach to evaluating the best tactical rifle scopes money can buy. Hundreds of hours have gone into this research, and both the scope line-up and the tests I conducted are built on advice and feedback from some of the most respected experts in the industry. Keep in mind this is a field test, not a laboratory test … and I’m not claiming it’s flawless. I did put my best effort into this being as objective, precise, and unbiased as practically possible using the equipment I could afford. My goal with this project was to equip fellow long-range shooters with as much hard data as I could reasonably gather, so they could see what they’re…

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